Negative Ionizer


Negative Ionizer

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Negative Air Ionizer: Anion Generator & Ion Generator & Purifier, Ionic Air Purifiers Ionic Air Purifier.
An ionic air is an electrically charged atom. Ionic Air Purifier assumes a positive charge when it gives up an electron. Negative ion generators are a type of electrical device that creates charged particles, called negative ionizer. Health benefits from ion therapy may include prevention of allergies and treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Negative ion air purifiers may also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. When a negative air ionizer generator runs continuously, it creates what is known as ionized air. Air ionizer / air ionizer use an electrically charged plate to create many negative ions. These plates add an electron to many types of gasses in the air. The result is a cleaner fresher air due to the electrostatic settling of dust and the supposedly invigorating effect of breathing negative ions emitters which are apparently found in abundance in the vicinity of waterfalls and mountain tops. In addition an ionizer can reduce airborne odour due to trace quantities of ozone produced at the tip of the ionization needles.
  Negative Ion Ionizer provide many benefits, including of cleaning the air of dust, smoke particles, certain pollutants, pollen, mold and even particles such as bacteria and viruses according to research by Ionizing Air Purifiers . They have a relaxing effect.
Pure Air: Air Purifier, Ionizer Negative Ionizer Generator (Air Purifiers that use Ionizer Generator Technology are safe as long as they do not emit Ozone. Free shipping for all electronic air cleaner products. Air Purifiers for the home, room, and vehicle.)

Negative ion density: 3,000, 000PCS/cm3
Input voltage: DC 3V - 24V, AC 100V - 130V, AC 200V - 240V
Output voltage: -3kV ~ +8kV
Rated power: 50/60Hz
Power: <1W
Discharge style: Carbon fiber brush or stainless steel needle
Air ion Application/Function
●For baby, women, old men, people sitting in office 8 hours/days
●Home appliance for air quality improving;
●Improves anti-illness capacity
●Improves sleep
●Inhibit the active enzyme, keep food fresh
●Makes air clear
●Makes your hair wet
●Used in hair drier, saving lighting bulbs, LED light, electronic fan, and air conditioner
The different principles between anion and ozone
  Anion Generator with negative high voltage output can ionize oxygen molecule to produce negative ion by the discharge end, which can be integrated with the soot and dust with positive charges in air so that air ionizers can be changed into neutral particles and subside naturally with the gravity force after losing its activity. The anion that is also called active oxygen can be combined easily with body blood to promote body’s absorption of oxygen nutrition. Moreover, the anion’s combination with bacterium and viruses will result in the change of structures or transference of their energy and their extinction.
  Ozonizer as a strong oxidizer, with its high output end discharging against the other pole to produce electromagnetic space which can ionize the oxygen molecule and the deleterious substances in the air to generate the ozone finally, can be reacted with foul smell and odor with its main component of Ammonia(R3N), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Dimethyl Sulphide (CH3SCH3), etc. To produce a nontoxic and odorless substances. The ozonizer has strong bacteriostasis and disinfection on those bacterium and viruses causing diseases to human and animals and leaves no secondary pollution. So it is also called "Green Environmentally-friendly Element".

The different applications between anion and ozone
●For anion the major applications on the air purification: Air Purifier, Hair Drier, Electronic Comb, Electron Fan, Air Conditioner, Conditioning Fan, Warm Air Fan, Humidifier, Protect Eyes Lamp etc. The health care products.
●For ozone the major applications of sterilization and disinfection on the air close and water dispose systems: Refrigerator, Disinfector Cabinet, Car, Room, Freezing Room, Toilet; Home appliance including Ozone Water Heater, Fruit Disinfector, Multi-Functional Ozone Disinfector, Hand Drier etc.)

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