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As one of important printed circuit board manufacturers based in Ningbo, LANCOR is a young but experienced team to handle all overseas orders for PCB prototype, PCB large qualities, and Assembly work. We regard each request of new product or new technology as a challenge of our improvement.


As one of important printed circuit board manufacturers based in Ningbo, LANCOR is a young but experienced team to handle all overseas orders for PCB prototype, PCB large qualities, and Assembly work. We regard each request of new product or new technology as a challenge of our improvement. We are a one-stop solution for all your PCB assembly needs. with over many years’ experience in offering Printed Circuit Board/ PCB R & D, Printed Circuit Board/ PCB design, Printed Circuit Board/ PCB clone, Printed Circuit Board/ PCB prototype manufacturing, Printed Circuit Board/ PCB assembly, Printed Circuit Board/ PCB OEM/ODM service of PCB and PCB layout manufacturing in the electronic industry to a wide range of industries in domestic and abroad with high advanced technology capabilities, LANCOR is dedicated to provide one-stop PCB solution services, to meet and exceed your expectations for your projects will be accurate and delivered on-time.

Through our strong network of well-proven circuit assembly and manufacturing partners, we can provide the most advanced and nearly limitless capabilities for your prototype or production PCB application. Save yourself the trouble that comes with the procurement process and dealing with multiple components vendors. Our experts will find you the best parts for your final product.

PCB Application:
  LANCOR is mainly designing and producing electric PCB Board for AC, Refrigerator, washing machine, the kitchen and other household appliances, especially the frequency conversation technology which is LANCOR self-developed has been widely used in household appliances. Intelligent motor, compressor, family health care products and other industrial & products. Not only supply products to large-scale home appliances manufactures at home and abroad, like Chigo, Joyoung, but also export to southeast Asia and European markets, many time achieve certificate for product exemption and excellent supplier from customers.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Services / PCB Layout service
  LANCOR brings together the industry advanced professionals with the industry’s only qualification ——the design of high speed PCB special ability qualification certificate, provides more professional and reliable service. We pay attention to the cost and production cycle, and devote to providing design, production one-stop and high efficiency service for customers.

We have been focusing on offering PCB prototype fabrication from printed circuit board design, manufacturing to assembly for the demands of low volume or mass production. Compared to other companies with rich experience, we are the trustworthy PCB manufacturer you can rely on.

Our PCB partner offers a variety of finishing services for Printed Circuit Boards, surface finishing can be either organic or metallic in nature, including Tin/Lead hot air solder level, Lead Free hot air solder level, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, etc…We understand that the finish of your PCB is important for different applications, so we set up our manufacturing to offer different finishes to meet your application’s need.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services / PCB Assembly Services
  PCB Assembly is a process that requires knowledge not just of PCB components and assembly but also of printed circuit board design, PCB fabrication and a strong understanding of the final product. Circuit board assembly is just one piece of the puzzle to delivering the perfect product the first time. To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication customers, we offer advanced turnkey PCB assembly service. We source high-quality components and stencils to offer a range of advanced PCB assembly mounting services including surface mount technology (SMT),through-hole technology (THT), and manual.
-High quality assembly services with short lead times
-No minimum order
-No additional charge for stencils
-Free engineering review
-Function tests according to custom requirements

We specialize in the following PCB assembly techniques
●Surface Mount Assembly. (SMT)
●Conventional PCB Assembly (Through Hole).
●Auto Insertion and Hand Placement.
●Mixed technology Printed Circuit Boards and double sided SMT.
●Automated prototype through to production volumes.
●Fast and efficient responses to inquiry.
●Build from free issue or competitively procured parts.
●Delivery lead times from 24 hours when required.
●Automated Optical Inspection / Dedicated Functional Test.
●Cable assemblies.
●Free advice on component availability and sourcing service.

Commitment to Quality
  At LANCOR, we ensure that our Quality Policy is always appropriate to our purpose: to ensure that nothing short of the best is delivered to our customers. Through our core quality values of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement, we are able to constantly conceptualize, implement and upgrade our quality systems and plans to ensure that quality is never just an afterthought.The company has independent quality management and complete quality management system, every product can achieve 100% inspection through ROHS spectrum analyzer, AOI optical detector, ICT tester and other advanced testing equipment, ensure to meet customer quality requirements.

Small Household Appliance PCBA Products:


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