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Deep-drawn parts and stamping parts of LANCOR operate in process; they are everywhere. There is hardly an industry or hardly a technical product without a hardware component.


Precision Hardware
Invisible and indispensable
Deep-drawn parts and stamping parts of LANCOR operate in process; they are everywhere. There is hardly an industry or hardly a technical product without a hardware component. Thus, statistically, in the field of consumer electronics and household appliances, in mobile devices, fittings, medical and cosmetic devices LANCOR components provide for reliable operation and safety.

Why choose LANCOR for hardware with deep-drawn and stamping
LANCOR is specialized in providing precision hardware stamping part for many years, our LANCOR team has strong foundations in a One-Stop solution for various projects and industries in die making, transfer, progressive, single hit & hydraulic sheet metal stamping,
We also verify the RoHS compliance status of most of our stamping manufacturing processes and assure to provide the extraordinary service upon RoHS directive requirements. Our professionalism has gained the reputation and trust of many OEM enterprises, especially metal parts applied in various industries like automobiles, electronic and electrical industry, etc. Our customers mainly come from Europe and United States, as well as south East Asia, include Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Brazil.

LANCOR is the market solutions leader for your Precision Hardware needs. We offer you the broadest level of integrated services from initial design and engineering to techniques and materials used for product assembly. LANCOR’s Precision Hardware business unit has established a set of standards and utilized local craftsmanship to combine tradition and technology. We support the industries such as automotive, aerospace, home security, construction, and furniture.

Sheet Metal Stamping products
Sub‐Processes operated blanking, deep drawing, bending, punching, piercing, stamping press, progressive stamping, and simple assemblies.
Materials used
Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel
Industries served
pneumatic component, lock & door and window hardware, bathroom enclosure hardware, power and hand tools, pumps and valves, filtration and separation, screen printing equipment, labeling equipment, automation, motion controls, automotive, packing equipment, food and beverage, electronics assembly, home appliance, medical, etc
Deep-drawn products
Deep drawing refers to the metal forming process in which a small disc of metal, or cup, is drawn into a forming die by the action of a mechanical punch. The process is considered deep-drawing because of the increase of the cup's depth in relation to its diameter through the start of the process to the finish.

Individually and in assemblies
Precision, absolutely reliable quality, economical and environmental friendly manufacturing of large and small batches are the characteristics of the deep-drawn parts of LANCOR.
They are made out of various metals and processed in secondary processes. The cleaned, deburred, electro-polished, galvanized or injection molded parts can be assembled individually or as components to the final product: in electronics and electrical engineering, in sanitation, in consumer products and automotive.
Technical Details
Our product range includes small, precise deep drawn parts, stamped parts and bent metal parts. We process the following metals: steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, aluminum, nickel and nickel alloys, special metals such as molybdenum, niobium and titanium.
Common Design Ideas and Applications
  λ. Deep Drawn Cups
  λ. Storage Containers
  λ. Waste Disposal Containers
  λ. Metal Buckets
  λ. Metal Shells
  λ. Deep Drawn Enclosures
  λ. Food Storage Containers
  λ. Motor Shrouds
  λ. Deep Drawn Housings
  λ. Deep Drawn Rings
  λ. eep Drawn Caps
  λ. Stampings
  λ. Stainless Steel Pans
  λ. Stainless Steel Pots

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